Eda Spivey Price

I am a professional editor who is devoted to the happiness and success of self-published writers of romance, mystery or paranormal fiction.  With 25+ years of experience editing fiction, business communications and college research papers, I have developed an eagle eye for proofreading and a (shamelessly) voracious reader's enthusiasm for a good story -- both of which I bring to bear to help writers make their finished manuscript the best it can be.  When I'm not editing, you usually can find me cuddling/wrangling my two pre-teen daughters, who remain blissfully unaware of their role as fodder for an as-yet-unwritten bestseller.

Why do you need an editor?

                                                     Why choose me?


"Together, we will polish your manuscript until it shines, so you can send it out into the world knowing it is truly ready to find its audience."

                               -- Eda